Covestro | 20,000 sf

Neighborhood, we break through traditional office setting by new way of working.

As the world’s leading polymer suppliers, Covestro focuses on the development of innovative solutions for everyday products. With a strong belief in supporting employees’ long-term wellbeing and business sustainability, they would like to achieve a well-balanced work culture and environment through the new office design and planning.

Before the relocation, staffs were seated on two separate floors with visual separation and assigned workstations. There was lack of interaction among departments which deviated from the new vision of Covestro. To foster greater relationships between staffs, we break through the conventional office setting by introducing agile working and new way of working – we have tumbled down walls and distributed 300 unassigned work points on a single floorplate. The 210 staffs are empowered to choose where and how they want to work.

We strategically placed the built zone along the core and surrounded it by buzzy zone, work and quiet zone. Sunlight and natural views are maximized for enjoyment and acted as a breathtaking backdrop with its spectacular coastline and mountains covered by trees and greens. Through creating neighborhoods and building up sense of belonging, staff satisfaction is very positive and reached 91%.

Hong Kong
20,000 sf
Design Consultancy
Design + Planning, Environmental Graphic Design, MEP, Workplace Strategy, Change Management, Sustainability + WELL
People can have quick catch-up in concierge area.
Work café as a central hub providing collaboration areas and alternative work points that draw people together.
Staffs can work in more open space or somewhere enclosed in privacy pod or library area provided with adjustable workstations.